Designed for Print

Child Advocacy Center Donation Card


Designed to focus on the positive outcomes of the children and families supported by the Oswego County CAC, this donation card was used in a fundraiser banquet. With the use of fonts,  silhouettes and high quality imagery this card balances fun and functionality!

Holiday Cards for Pathfinder Bank

Designed with updated stock images, each card is designed uniquely for Pathfinder Bank.

Nerd at Heart Sketchbook

Inspired by a Public Domain heart image, this cute design was whipped up in Adobe Illustrator, printed digitally on Gloss Cover stock and used as a sketchbook cover. The sketchbook shown completed with a standard tape binding method.

Dunkin Donuts Coupon Design and Print

For this CNY only promotion, I used Photoshop to isolate and enhance imagery while utilizing Indesign for the layout. Prepped for production on a 4 Color Heidelberg Press.


2017 Booth Signage for Stephanie Mickelson RMT


A yearly event to honor the life of Dennis Pacheco who died at age 51 on March 17th, 2011 of Bladder Cancer. This run will raise funds each year for Bladder Cancer awareness and research.Check it out on Facebook


Here we have 2 years of event programs for the performances of several high school marching bands hosted by the Oswego City School District’s Marching Buccaneers. Each program includes a custom color cover design, black ink only inside pages, and several custom and customer supplied ads. Check out more about the event here.


Here we have the 2017 CNY Pagan Pride-Autumn Equinox Festival program in process as well as the past 3 years of programs also designed by K3 Artistry. Find out more on Facebook or through the Church of the Greenwood.


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